Credit Rating

Based on an interim monitoring, on 13 September 2021 BCRA - Credit Rating Agency” AD published information about changing and confirming the ratings assigned to BACB, as follows:

  • Change the Long-term rating at BB, change of outlook at “Stable”, confirming the short-term rating at B;
  • Change of the national-scale long-term rating at BBB (BG), change of outlook at “Stable” confirming the national-scale short-term rating at A-3 (BG)
Financial strength rating Primary Rating July 27, 2016 Updated Rating 20 April, 20120 Updated Rating 13 September, 2021
Long-term rating В BB- BB
Outlook Stable Positive Stable
Short-term rating В B B
National-scale long-term rating В+ (BG) BBB- (BG) BBB (BG)
Outlook Stable Positive Stable
National-scale short-term rating В (BG) A-3 (BG) A-3 (BG)

The complete text of the report is available on the “BCRA-Credit Rating Agency” AD web site.