• I have blocked my PIN at an ATM. What to do?

    You have wrongly entered your  PIN 3 times consecutively. To unblock your PIN, please call +359 2 9702600 (BORICA- BANKSERVICE helpline of our Customer Service Department) and after personal data verification, your PIN will be unblocked for new 3 attempts.

  • Can I receive SMS notifications for my transactions and what is the monthly fee for this service?

    Of course, this service is highly recommended for safety reasons and for your convenience. There is no annual subscription fee and you pay only 0.12 BGN per SMS. To get SMS notifications, you should complete and submit a Change of limit request form to the bank or make a note in the Debit card request form.

  • What is the minimum balance on the card account?

    The minimum balance on BACB debit cards for individuals is 5 BGN / EUR / USD depending on the currency of the account.

  • My card was held at an ATM. Can I get it back?

    For security reasons the bank will issue a new card and a new PIN after you have submitted a Request for reissuing form and paid a fee according to the Tariff of the bank.