Credit Cards

  • How Can I get a credit card from BACB?

    Please contact BACB Customer Service Department or visit the nearest office of the bank.

  • What is a revolving credit card?

    Revolving card allows you to use the already paid part of the credit limit granted by the bank.

  • How long will it take for my card to be ready?

    The standard term for the issuance and delivery of cards is about 5 working days but not more than 10 working days from the application date at a bank office or in the virtual bank.

  • Is my card active? I have just got a card and a PIN at your office (by a courier). Can I pay at a POS terminal today?

    Your card is not active at the time of receipt. In order to activate it, please call +359 2 9702600  (BORICA- BANKSERVICE helpline of our Customer Service Department) and after customer personal data verification, your card will be activated. After activating the card, we recommend that you change your PIN to be able to withdraw cash / pay at a retailer (this can be done at an ATM).Save / remember your password for secure payments on the Internet, which is printed in the letter with your PIN, directly beneath the PIN or under the PIN received via SMS, in case you have chosen the "PIN by SMS" service during your application. For your convenience, you can change your password for secure payments online with one chosen by you. For this purpose, please visit the website of the bank and click on VbV and / or MasterCard 3D Secure Code.

  • Can I get an additional card to my daughter? She is a student in Austria. A card account with what currency will be most appropriate to be issued for her? In what currency is your settlement with Austria?

    You may issue an additional credit card to your daughter linked to your current account in euros. The BACB VISA and MasterCard settlements are in euros and respectively a card account in euro will be most convenient for you.

  • What are the limits of your supplementary cards? Can I put a supplementary card to a lower limit and how to do it?

    Once a supplementary card is issued, you should complete and submit a Change of limit request form to the bank, specifying what specific limits you want to set.

  • What is the minimum amount of debt I need to pay?

    The minimum repayment amount MRA (minimum installment) is defined as 3% of the utilized credit limit + overdue MRA (if any) + overdraft (if any) + interest  of arrears + regular interest from a previous period, but not less than 20 / twenty / BGN, or the entire amount, if less than 20 BGN.

  • Can I receive information about my credit card transactions in order to avoid unauthorized payments with it?

    Yes,we can send youSMS notificationsfor each credit card authorization.You should mark„SMS notification alerts”in the Credit card request form, andif the cardhas alreadybeen issuedyou shouldcomplete a Change ofparameters application form.InourBACB PlusVirtualBankyou can track each credit card authorizationimmediately.

  • What should I do if the validity of my credit card expires?

    Upon expiry of the card, the bank issues automatically a new card, but not earlier than ten days before the expiry of the old one. The holder may obtain a new card at the bank offices. If he or she does not wish a new card to be issued the bank should be notified in writing, not later than two months before the card expiry date.

  • Can I issue business credit cards to some of my employees?

    Yes, you can issue business credit cards to your employees according to individually set by you limits. You can track each transaction made via any of your business credit cards.