Information campaign

European campaign against financial “mules” - #dontbeaMule

BACB strives to build a sound relationship with its customers based on transparency and mutual trust. We believe that partnership with our clients and our relationship with our potential clients imply open and honest communication to protect the interests of both parties. That is why we are supporting the fight against cyber fraud and we join the European information campaign against financial “mules". 

Financial “mule” is a person who mediates the transfer of illegally acquired funds from one account to another and receives a commission for this activity. As this is a cross-border activity, a European information campaign on the topic was launched which in Bulgaria is implemented together with the Directorate-General for Combating Organized Crime and the Prosecutor's Office. 

Anyone can get a proposal by cybercriminals to become financial mule. Most often, targets are unemployed, students and temporary residents. 

Usually the recruitment of financial mules is through direct contact or email; job advertisements, online publications, and posts in social networks (most often in closed groups) 
One of the main means to prevent this kind of crime is raising awareness of the problem for which various institutions and organizations cooperate. 

The cut-off of these criminal practices is an effective way to combat cybercrime, as, according to Europol data, 95% of transactions carried out with the help of financial mules are a result of this criminal activity, and very often, the funds are earmarked for financing other criminal activities and money laundering. 

See the information brochures below that reveal details about financial “mules".