National Guarantee Fund (NGF) – Sector Fisheries under OPDFS (2007-2013)

Beneficiaries under the following axes/measures of the Operational Programme can benefit from the NGF guarantees:

  • Measure 1.3 Investments on board of fishing vessels and selectivity
  • Measure 2.1 Productive investments in aquaculture
  • Measure 2.5 Fishing in inland waters
  • Measure 2.6 Investments in processing and marketing of the products of fishing and aquaculture
  • Measure 3.3 Investments for the reconstruction and modernization of the fishing ports, landing sites and shelters
  • Priority axis 4 Sustainable development of fisheries areas

The basic parameters of the guarantees for the beneficiaries in OPDFS program (2007-2013) are:

  • Guarantees for investment loans and loans for working capital for startups and acting companies within the meaning of the law for SMEs, which are beneficiaries of the OPDFS
  • Counter-guarantees on bank guarantees for advance payments to beneficiaries under OPDFS 2007-2013;
    NGF will guarantee up to 80% of the amount of the credits or bank guarantees
  • The maximum amount of guarantees for one borrower or related persons, regardless of how many credits will be up to 3 000 000 BGN for micro, small and medium enterprises
  • Period for the inclusion of loans in the guaranteed portfolios under OPDFS: 30.09.2015 
  • Term of the guarantees: up to 10 years
  • No fees for the guarantees for the companies benefiting from them

    For more information, please contact BACB branches