CashBack Bonus Program

You have a credit card MasterCard Business issued by BACB? Then you already participate in the BACB bonus program.

The more you pay with your card, the more money you get back from the bank as cashback on your card. Each payment made at POS terminal for a product or a service in a store or on the Internet accumulates an amount that brings you income.  

Every three months (reporting periods) the Bank accrues 0.5% on the entire amount accumulated and credits it to your credit card. An important condition for this is in the three reporting periods to have made total payments at POS terminal in the amount of - at least BGN 1 500.

Keep track of your monthly statement on the card in order to get information on how much you have accumulated so far. If you have accumulated the minimum amount in three months, the bank will inform you on the date by which you will get the bonus of 0.5% not only on the minimum but on the whole accumulated amount. The additional card also accumulates a bonus-bringing amount through payments at POS terminals and on the Internet worldwide.

The amount of the bonus received is recorded quarterly in the monthly statement on your credit card MasterCard Business and you can use it with your card for subsequent purchases.

All payments made both in the country and abroad are valid.

Withdrawals and transfers in cash, replenishment of account or card, betting, games of chance, deposited amounts exceeding the credit limit, transactions of reversal and credit refund type do not accumulate bonus-bringing amounts.