International revolving credit card MasterCard with no collateral

BACB MasterCard Business Credit Card optimizes your daily business activities, enabling you to invest more time and energy in the growth and development of your business. With it you have the following advantages: 

  • 50 days’ interest-free grace period for using the card after paying the full debt;
  • Opportunity to issue additional MasterCard Business Credit Cards to employees and / or partners defined by you, individually specifying the transaction limits for each card;
  • With BACB MasterCard Business Credit Card, you and your employees can quickly and easily make online payments, shop and pay at POS terminals worldwide, withdraw money from any ATM in Bulgaria and abroad , make reservations online and use car rental services;
  • You can control your real-time expenses as they are incurred on each business card account anywhere in the world, seven days a week – through Virtual Bank BACB Plus;
  • No issuance fee;
  • No reissuance fee when the card expires;
  • No charge on payment of goods and services in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • No charge on payments online;
  • Possibility for SMS notifications for each authorization.
  • If you wish a credit card can be delivered to an address specified by you or to the bank offices for free by a courier company;
  • You can get a secure payment PIN and password via SMS to your mobile phone which ensures even higher security;
  • With MasterCard Standard of the Bank, you can take the advantage of Priceless Cities -the global platform for MasterCard, which offers unique experiences, privileged access to special events and attractive offers shopping in more than 40 cities , including Rome , New York, Paris , London, Munich and Dubai. Information valid for Bulgaria is available here , and more about the program itself can be found in the section FAQ.

What do you get?

Convenience, security, comfort


  • No issuance fee;
  • No re-issuance fee after credit card expiry date;
  • No charge on payments for goods and services in commercial outlets in the country and abroad;
  • No charge on payments over the Internet;
  • No collateral is required.

Who should use it?

The card is suitable for all companies – corporate clients, sole proprietors and farmers who are duly registered.



Validity: 3 years


  • Credit limit - minimum - BGN 1000, maximum - Determined according to the creditworthiness assessment of the company;
  • The card can be used with up to 50 days’ interest free grace period in case of paying the  full debt;
  • Possibility to subscribe for SMS notification upon each authorisation;
  • Free of charge automatically generated SMS reminders about the amounts due;
  • 24-hour service by Borika - Bankservice card centre;
  • An option to use own funds in excess of the credit limit provided.

Documents required

  • Business credit card request– in a standard form;
  • Copies of the identity document of the borrower/pledger;
  • Balance Sheet, ODA, Annual Tax Return for the previous 2 years, Balance Sheet, CPR for current period, Statement of receivables and payables for the current period;
  • Legal / legal documentation
  • Certificate under art. 87 for a borrower;
  • Declaration on Related Parties under the Credit Institutions (according to a sample of the Bank);
  • Other documents at the discretion of the bank.

More secure online card payments withMasterCard ID Check

BACB provides service to all MasterCard cardholders for secure online card payments with two factor authentication. It represents a combination of dynamic and static passwords, which the cardholder inputs for confirmation of card operations online. The dynamic password is one-time unique 6-digits code, generated by BORICA AD and sent by free of charge SMS delivered to a registered mobile phone. The static password is created by the cardholder on a special web page, provided by BORICA and is used together with the dynamic password for confirmation of online card transactions to internet merchants participating in MasterCard ID Check programs. For static password change, please, follow the link.

Credit card debt payoff:

Each BACB client may pay off a credit card debt taking advantage of any of the possibilities listed below:

  • Automatic payment of the minimum debt installment or the total amount due from an BACB account (direct debit)

    BACB offers automatic payment of credit card debt when the client, in the card issuance request, chooses the option to pay the minimum payment installment (MPI) on the payment due date or the total debt as shown on the monthly statement. The client may also subscribe to this service additionally.

    Automatic payment is initiated each month, on the 5th day of the month, or on the next working day, if the 5th day falls on a non-working day, and the system seeks and respectively pays the difference between the amounts due, as included in the statement, and the amounts paid already between the 15th day of the preceding month and the 5th day of the current month.
  • Payment through the Virtual Bank BACBPlus

    Credit card debt may be paid via BACBPlus by means of:
    - "Add money to the card" button in the credit card menu in BACBPlus. The client may choose a MPI, the total debt or a different amount;
    - Transfer of an optional amount from a client's account with BACB through the filling-in of a payment order. To facilitate the process the client may enter a template, which may only be updated subsequently.

    Clients may execute transactions in the Virtual Bank BACBPlus on a 24/7 basis with the transactions being accounted for during the working hours of the Bank, or on the first working day thereafter.
  • Transfer from a debit card at an ATM

    BACB offers an opportunity for payment of credit card debt by means of a debit card transfer at an ATM, connected to the Borika-Bankservce system. Thus clients are able to transfer amounts from their current account using their BACB debit card to their credit card.

    The following options should be chosen consecutively from the home screen:
          "Other services";
          "Code of the trader" - enter 11000 (this is the code for BACB);
          "Identification number" - enter the whole number of the recipient card;
          Amount - the amount of the installment is entered;
          The client confirms the payment;
          Information regarding the result from the payment (successful / unsuccessful) is written on the ATM screen; 
          Receipt containing the transaction data is printed out.

    This service ensures convenience and independence for clients as they are able to pay their credit card debt at any time, throughout the country. BACB records the transactions in the accounting system on the first working day thereafter in accordance with its transaction processing internal rules. 
  • Transfers from other banks 

    Payment of credit card debt to BACB may be done by means of transfers from other banks. The client should transfer the MPI or the total amount of the debt to the credit card account by the payment due date. The payment installment should be received by the 5th day of the month or on the next working day, if the 5th day is a non-working day.

Useful information

If your card is lost or stolen, please call+359 2 9702600 ; +359 2 8705149 to immediately block the card. The service is accessible 24 hours a day. BORICA helpline of our Customer Service Department is available all year round 24 hours a day!