International Visa Business Debit card

BACB VISA Business has been created specifically for business needs. It facilitates payments to and from your partners and optimizes your daily business processes so that you can invest more energy in the development of your business. With it you get the following advantages:

  • You can issue additional debit BACB VISA Business cards to some of your employees and / or partners, defining the individual transaction limits of each card;
  • You can control the real-time costs incurred with each business card from anywhere in the world, seven days a week through BACB Plus Virtual Bank;
  • You can make contactless payments;
  • You can rely on increased security for online payments because BACB VISA Business cards automatically get a secure payment PIN;
  • No issuance fee;
  • No charges for cash withdrawals from BACB ATMs;
  • No reissuance fee when the card expires;
  • No fee for payment of goods and services in Bulgaria and abroa
  • No fee for online payments;
  • On your wish you can get free card delivery to an address specified by you or to the bank offices by a courier company;
  • You can get a secure payment PIN and password via SMS to your mobile phone which ensures even higher security. 

The international VISA Business card is issued to local companies or freelancers. Cards are issued in the name of a natural person representing the company, as well as authorized employees, distributors or partners. VISA Business provides the possibility for a quick and secure way of giving advanced payments to employees company within the specified by the company transaction limits. BACB debit cards are the most appropriate tool for optimization and control of company expenses. BACB issues monthly statements reflecting all the operations of the company cards connected to the main account. With VISA business you receive access to the company account 24/7 and you can use it for all card operations – cash withdrawal at ATMs, payments at POS terminals and online payments including hotel, rent-a-car, airplane tickets reservations, etc. VISA Business debit cards support the contactless payment function. PayWave gives cardholders the opportunity to buy goods and services for small amounts less than 25 BGN without the necessity of introducing a PIN or putting their signature on a POS terminal receipt. VISA Business debit cards by BACB offer high level of security for online payments, since they automatically receive a password for online secure payments. Additional advantage of our business debit cards is the possibility of performing all bank operations at BACB branches, such as cash withdrawals, regular payments, transfers, etc. The operations are executed in real time.

VISA Business by BACB is the best choice for each contemporary and modern company.

What do you get?

  • Constant and secure access to the company account 24/7;
  • Convenience to perform contactless payments.


  • No issuance fee;
  • No charges for cash withdrawals from BACB ATMs;
  • No reissuance fee when the card expires;
  • No fee for payment of goods and services in Bulgaria and abroa
  • No fee for online payments.

Who should use it?

The card is suitable for all companies – corporate clients, SMEs, sole proprietors and freelancers.




5 years

 More secure online card payments with Visa Secure

BACB provides service to all VISA cardholders for secure online card payments with two factor authentication. It represents a combination of dynamic and static passwords, which the cardholder inputs for confirmation of card operations online. The dynamic password is one-time unique 6-digits code, generated by BORICA AD and sent by free of charge SMS delivered to a registered mobile phone. The static password is created by the cardholder on a special web page, provided by BORICA and is used together with the dynamic password for confirmation of online card transactions to internet merchants participating in Visa Secure programs. For static password change, please, follow the link.

Useful information

If your card is lost or stolen, please call+359 2 9702600 ; +359 2 8705149 to immediately block the card. The service is accessible 24 hours a day. BORICA- BANKSERVICE helpline of our Customer Service Department is available all year round 24 hours a day!