Lending to Corporates

BACB AD offers a full range of products and services for corporate clients.

The Bank offers loans to corporate clients in BGN and foreign currency: 

  • Working capital loans – for purchase of prime and raw materials, goods and other current activities, as standard loans for working capital, credit line, revolving credit line and overdraft;
  • Investment loans - for purchase of real estate, construction and renovation, machinery, equipment, etc.;
  • Discount credit against claims;
  • Taking over/guarantee of credit/bill of exchange liability of a juridical entity or a sole trader;
  • Revolving credit cards for juridical entities;
  • Letters of credit and/or limits for issuance of letters of credit.

BACB offers support for the business of corporative clients in the form of products and services tailored to the specific needs of any business profile. Under the conditions of today’s high risk and dynamic business environment, our clients more than ever need a partner that offers stability, decency and sophisticated expert solutions.  The main goal of the bank is to achieve mutually advantageous cooperation in building long-term business relationship with companies of all branches of economy.