Investment loan Business Growth

You want to expand your business by purchasing your own premise?
You want to improve your business facilities? You want to reduce your maintenance costs?
You want to create more efficient working conditions?

Loan purpose: Purchasing, construction or renovation of business / industrial premises.

Own participation: 25% of the investment, excluding VAT.

Borrowers: Designed for legal entities, sole proprietors, freelancers and private agricultural producers.

Currency: BGN; EUR


  • Minimum amount: 50,000 BGN (the equivalent in foreign currency)
  • Maximum of 750 000 BGN (the equivalent in foreign currency)

Term: up to 84 months.

Interest rate: LEONIA Plus / EURIBOR + allowance, depending on the loan risk.

Repayment: Monthly annuity, decreasing principal installments or according to an individual repayment plan, consistent with actual cash flow of the borrower.


  • Mortgage on real estate,including the right of construction and / or land, insured in favor of the Bank.
  • If the collateral is pledge of deposit, the loan amount should not exceed 95% (of the deposit amount );
  • If necessary, the Bank may require additional collateral or guarantors;

Fees and commissions: According to the Tariff for fees and commissions of BACB AD applicable to legal entities