Investment loan for purchasing of agricultural land with financing up to 70%

You want to develop your farm?
You don’t want to depend on leaseholders and simplified collateral requirements?
You want flexible loan conditions and simplified collateral requirementsd collateral requirements?

Loan purpose: Investment loan for purchasing of agricultural land.

Borrowers: Borrowers are agricultural producers and/or legal entities registered in CA, with main activity - agriculture.

Currency: BGN; EUR

Funding amount: up to 70% of the value reflected in the Title/s  act/s and/or preliminary contract for the acquisition of agricultural land, but not more than accepted by the bank standardized assessments for the corresponding region or market valuation.

Minimum amount: BGN  50,000 (the equivalent in foreign currency)

Maximum of BGN  500 000 (the equivalent in foreign currency)

Term: up to 60 months

Interest rate: LEONIA Plus/EURIBOR+margin depending on the loan risk.


  • Interest: Monthly on the payment due date.
  • Principal: The borrower must repay the yearly outstanding principal by three (3) consecutive equal installments.

Collateral: Mortgage on the agricultural land (1st-10 th category) purchased with funds from the loan

For individual property or a group of contiguous properties under 50 decares the price shall be determined in accordance with the adopted Standardized assessments by the Bank.

Fees and commissions: According to the Tariff for fees and commissions of BACB AD applicable to legal entities