Working Capital Loan Business potential

You have a business that has proved successful and ideas for future development
You want better flexibility and more freedom?
You need disbursement without costs substantiation documents?

Loan purpose: To cover short term needs for working capital.

Borrowers: Designed for legal entities, sole proprietors, freelancers and private agricultural producers.

Currency: BGN; EUR

Amount:  up to 20% of the total sales revenue for the previous fiscal year, but not more than 750,000 BGN

Minimum amout: 30 000 BGN

Term: up to 60 months, subject to reassessment up to every 12 months

Interest rate: LEONIA Plus  / EURIBOR +allowance, depending on the loan risk

Repayment: with all transfers to a current account.


  • Mortgage on real estate, insured in favor of the Bank.
  • If the collateral is pledge of deposit, the loan amount should not exceed 95% of the deposit amount; 
  • If necessary, the Bank may require additional collateral or guarantors;

Fees and commissions: According to the Tariff for fees and commissions of BACB AD applicable to legal entities.