Escrow accounts


The account is mainly used in case of purchase/sale of real estate and guarantees the interest of both parties in the deal – that of the purchaser and that of the seller. Access to the funds on this type of account is usually possible on presenting a notary deed and a document certifying there are no encumbrances on the real estate that is the object of the purchase/sale.


  • An opportunity to preliminary specify the terms and conditions that should be fulfilled before operating with the funds;
  • The bank as an independent moderator observes that the conditions for operating with the funds on the account are strictly followed
  • Confidence with the transactions made on the account.

Currency: BGN, EUR, USD

Opening an account:  At bank offices after presenting the necessary documents.

Documents required to open an account

  • Identity cards of the physical persnons/individulas –– holders of the Special Escrow account;
  • If any of the parties is a juridical person, the latter should present documents as required for opening a current account;
  • An agreement between the purchaser and the seller (could be preliminary).

Accrual: no rate is accrued

Fees and commissions:  Fees and commissions are in compliance with The List of terms and conditions of the bank.