Joint current account


  • The account is opened in the name of several holders who may operate with the funds on it jointly or separately (to be specified at opening the account);
  • Execution of cash and non-cashtransactions;
  • Receipt/order of transactions in the country and abroad;
  • Management of the funds at any bank office and via remote banking channels of the bank.

Currency: BGN/EUR/USD

Minimum amount: 5 BGN/EUR/USD

Opening: At bank offices, after presenting the documents required and signing a Framework agreement contract.

Documents: Identity cards of holders of the joint account.

Interest rates:

0.005 0.005 0.005

Interest accrual: The interest on BGN, EUR and USD is accrued at the end of each calendar quarter in compliance with the rates as shown in the Interest Rate Bulletin of the Bank. 

Fees and commissions:  Fees and commissions are in compliance with The List of terms and conditions of the bank.