Quick money transfer CashM

Service description:

TheCashM service allows sending money by ordering at an ATM terminal with a bank card, and notifying the beneficiary via mobile phone, after which they can receive the amount in cash at an ATM terminal anywhere in Bulgaria.
Money transfers are ordered at the ATM terminals of BACB designated with the CashM mark. The service is operational 24/7and during holidays.
Cash withdrawal of money transfers is completed within 1-2 minutes after ordering the transfer from the designated CashM ATM terminals in the country. Cash withdrawal starts by entering the mobile phone number of the beneficiary at the ATM terminal, a four-digit code sent by the originator and a 6-digit code sent via SMS by the CashM system. The beneficiary withdraws the amount from an ATM without using a bank card. Transfer of funds via CashMis possible only to Bulgarian mobile phones owners.

How the service works:

  1. You order a money transfer at an ATM terminal by inserting you debit or credit card in the ATM and selecting “Other services”, “Transfer”, “CashMorder” from the menu. In the money transfer order, you enter the beneficiary’s mobile phone number, your mobile phone number (optional), the transfer amount and a four-digit code selected by you;
  2. The CashМ system automatically sends an SMS notification with a six-digit code of the transfer to the mobile phone of the beneficiary entered by the originator.
  3. You notify the beneficiary of the four-digit code entered by you in the transfer order.
  4. The beneficiary goes to an ATM terminal which provides the CashMservice and withdraws the amount by entering their mobile phone number of and the two codes.

Term of the transfer: 168 hours (7 days) from its ordering

Currency: BGN

Transfer limit: an amount multiple ofBGN10 toBGN 400.


  • Two-factor authentication – two channels for provision of information necessary for withdrawal of the transfer to the beneficiary;
  • Four-digit code – four digits entered in the transfer order by the originator and notified to the beneficiary by the originator;
  • Six-digit code – six digits automatically generated by the system and sent to the beneficiary via SMS.

At their request, the originator may receive SMS when the transfer has been paid out.

What you get:

  • The fastest transfer – it is received  immediately after ordering it
  • It is ordered cashless with a bank card
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs in Bulgaria
  • Transfer to a person who is not a bank customer
  • Operational non-stop, 24/7


  • Additional service of cashless transfer for the cardholders of BACB;
  • Quick money transfers24 hours a day/365 days a year;
  • Transfers P2P (person to person) across the country;
  • The beneficiary withdraws cash without the need for a card, bank account balance, or means of identification;
  • There is no requirement for age or nationality of the beneficiary or that they are a bank customer;
  • Option for business customers to transfer funds to their employees in case of urgent need;

Who it is suitable for:

The service is intended for individual and business customers of the bank.
The originator is a BACB customer – holder of an individual or business credit/debit card.
The beneficiary can be anyone who has a mobile phone of a Bulgarian mobile operator. There is no age restriction or a requirement of having a bank account or a card at BACB or another bank.

The transfer may be blocked in the following cases:

  • Blocked due to expired term of 168 hours (7 days) from ordering it.
  • Blocked on three unsuccessful attempts at withdrawal – with three unsuccessful attempts at withdrawal with a correct mobile phone number and at least one wrong code.
  • Blocked by the bank.

A transfer that is blocked may not be unblocked. It may be returned to the originator by the bank.