Deposits and Savings

Deposits and savings products of BACB have the following advantages:

  • High profitability;
  • Various types of deposits with different maturities and flexible conditions;
  • Possibility to deposit or withdraw money from some of the deposits under certain conditions;
  • Possibility to receive in advance the interest for some of the deposits;
  • Possibility to get higher interest rates on the deposit with the time;
  • Diversity of saving products;
  • A chance to define a target sum and  monthly installments specified by the client till the final goal is achieved – a Saving account for special purpose  saving of funds. The bank undertakes to make transfers automatically to this saving account from the current account of the client with the sum defined by the client till the target amount set is reached;
  • All deposits and savings can be opened, managed and closed entirely online at a time convenient to the client through the platform of Virtual BACB Plus.

The deposits and the accounts of individuals, opened with the Bank, shall be guaranteed as per the regulations of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.