Deposit “4/12”

Choosing our new 4-month deposit you will gain an attractive interest in advance!

The deposit may be opened by new or present clients of BACB who want to increase their funds deposited at the bank.

Term: 4 months

Currency:  BGN, EUR, USD

Minimum balance: 500 BGN, EUR, USD

Interest rates:

Term of deposit  BGN EUR USD
  • 4 months
0.55 0.50 0.95

Interest accrual: The interest rate is accrued on the day of the deposit opening and is paid in advance to the current account of the depositor in the currency of the deposit.

The current account cannot be closed while the deposit is active. If the current account is used only for acquisition of the interest paid in advance, no fee is due for opening/closing the current account. There is no monthly fee for maintenance of the current account during the term of the deposit if the deposit is active on the date for monthly collection of fees (end of month).

Depositing money: Deposits are not allowed.

Withdrawal of money: Withdrawal from the deposit prior maturity is not allowed.

Withdrawals and deposits on dates other than maturity dates are considered as a termination of the deposit contract and conditions for prior termination are applied as described below.

At maturity: At maturity, the deposit is automatically rolled over as a one-month Standard deposit in the respective currency with an interest rate valid for one-month Standard deposits at the date of renewal.

Termination prior to maturity: In case of termination prior the maturity, the interest paid in advance is deducted from the principal of the deposit.

Charges:  Cash transactions at maturity are free of commissions. All other operations to/from the deposit are according to The List of terms and conditions of the Bank.

Where and how to open:at the counters of BACB.