Flexible deposit

Term: 6 and 12 months

Currency:  BGN, EUR, USD

Minimum balance: 500 BGN, EUR, USD

Interest rates:

Term of deposit months BGN EUR USD
  • 6 months
0.08 0.08 0.09
  • 12 months
0.13 0.13 0.13

What it is:  During the whole term the depositor may deposit unlimited amounts and withdraw amounts totaling a maximum of 30% of the initial principal providing that the deposit does not decrease under the minimum required for deposits.

Interest accrual: On maturity date.

Depositing money: Deposits can be made during the whole term of the deposit and on maturity. 

Withdrawal of money: During the whole term, withdrawals can be made amounting to up to 30% of the initially deposited principal, without decreasing the deposit under a minimum amount required for deposits. Withdrawal is allowed on maturity as well. Withdrawal on dates other than the ones mentioned above is considered as termination and conditions for terminations are applied as described below.

At maturity: At maturity, the deposit automatically becomes Standard deposit at the same term and at interest rates for Standard deposits at the respective term as applied to the date of renewal.

Termination: In case of termination before the term set, the interest rate applied is that valid for current accounts in the currency of the deposit for the real number of days.

Charges:  Cash transactions at maturity are free of commission.The replenishment of the deposit is also free of charge at any time. All other operations on/off the deposits are according to the List of terms and conditions of the bank.

Where and how to open: at the counters of BACB, through the Virtual bank BACB Plus.


Request for Deposit

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