Online deposit

Term: 3, 6, 12 and 24 months

Currency: BGN, EUR, USD

Minimum balance: 1,000 currency units

Maximum balance: 500,000 currency units

How: By credit transfer from your personal account as Private individual in Bulgarian bank or in bank from EU, within 15 calendar days period.


Interest rates:

Term of deposit  BGN EUR USD
  • 3 months
0.25 0.25 0.20
  • 6 months
0.50 0.50 0.25
  • 12 months
0.70 0.70 0.30
  • 24 monts
0.90 0.90


Description: Every Bulgarian citizen of legal age or permanent resident of Bulgaria can open an Online Deposit account with Bulgarian American Credit Bank /BACB/. This service is available to new clients of the Bank who do not have an active current, deposit or other account with BACB at the time of submission of the application for an Online Deposit. The deposit can be only replenished from own account with a bank in Bulgaria, EU country, Iceland, Norway or Lichtenstein. You have 15 days after receiving a notification of the IBAN number to replenish your new deposit account.

Security: Your Online Deposit savings up to BGN 196 000 are guaranteed by the Bank Deposits Guarantee Fund. More information is available here.

Where and How to Open an Online Deposit: You can open your Online Deposit remotely by submitting an application through BACB’s website: and if you already have an Online Deposit – through BACB’s online banking platform, after you have registered as a Depositor.

Interest Accrual: The Online Deposit accrues interest on the maturity date or on the date of its preterm termination. Interest is capitalized to the deposit’s principal.

Management: You as a Depositor gain access to your Online Deposits and can manage them via the BACB’s online banking platform. In addition to the online accessibility, after identification you will be able to manage your deposits also at our counters in the BACB branches.

How can I withdraw or add funds from/to my Online Deposit during its term: Any bank transaction with the Online Deposit during its term will be considered violation of the terms and conditions and will accrue interest rate at the rate of BACB for preterm deposit termination.

On maturity date: Your Online Deposit is automatically renewed into a standard time deposit with the same currency and for the same period. The respective interest rate applied for standard deposits is applied as of the date of the renewal. You as a Depositor may opt for transformation of the deposit into another type of deposit or request deposit termination and withdrawal of the funds.

Preterm deposit termination: In case of preterm termination of the Online Deposit, the interest rate valid for current accounts in the same currency is applied and the accrual is for the number of the days the deposit has been with the Bank. If you decide to terminate your Online Deposit remotely, BACB shall transfer the balance to the account from which the initial funding of the Online Deposit was made.

Fees:  Incoming transfers for replenishing the deposit are commission free. In the case of termination of a deposit with transfer of funds to another bank, the fees and commissions shall be withheld from the transfer amount. If the transfer is made in a currency other than BGN, it is processed with a value date of two working days and a BEN cost option.