Commodity loan

The Commodity Loan is offered in selected Technomarket shops. 
  • BASED ONLY on your ID;
  • WITHOUT any collaterals;
  • FIXED instalments;
  • RESPONSE within 5 minutes;
  • EASIER application procedure;
  • WITHOUT early repayment charges;
  • PROFESSIONAL consulting and services.

Debtor eligibility requirements:

  • to be a Bulgarian citizen;
  • to be aged 21 to 70;
  • to be with a proven solvency;
  • to have no loans, granted by the Bank and/or other financial institutions, classified in a group, different from “performing exposures“.

Currency: BGN

Amount: BGN150 to BGN 3 000

Term: from 3 Months to 24 Months

Collateralization: WITHOUT collateralization

Repayment: by monthly annuity instalments

Fees and commissions: NONE