Virtual loan

  • NO collateral;
  • No need to visit a bank office – the whole application, approval and disbursement process is happening online;
  • No application fee;
  • Monitoring and active operations with the loan available on the Virtual bank.

Borrower Requirements.In order to apply you must:

  • Possess a qualified electronic signature(QES);
  •  Be continuously employed over the last 6 months;
  • Be an adult and legally capable person;
  • Have proven solvency;
  • Be a Bulgarian citizen permanently residing in Bulgaria ;
  • Have No outstanding state and municipal debts;
  • Have No delinquent loans at the date of loan application;
  • The age of the borrower at maturity of the loan must not exceed 65 years.

Currency: BGN

Minimum amount: BGN 400

Maximum amount: - BGN 2 000

Maximum Term: up to 3 years (36 months)

Collateral: NO

Repayment: by annuity monthly installments.

Interest Rate (per annum)

13.50% floating interest rate, based on Base Interest Rate(BIR)* plus fixed margin.

*As of 01.07.2019 the applied rate of the BIR is 0,000

Fees and Commissions: NO

Annual percentage rate (APR): 16,17% calculated for a loan at the amount of BGN 2 000; repayment period 2 years; 13.50% interest rate; BGN 1.50 monthly fee for maintenance of the current account.

Monthly installment: BGN 95,55

Total amount to be returned: BGN 2 329,30


Loan amount in BGN
Term of the loan in months
Interest Rate 13.50%
Monthly installment х BGN
Total amount to be returned (excluding tax) BGN