Outgoing transfers in foreign currencies

BACB executes payments with in the country and abroad in three basic currencies -   EUR, USD, GBP and under strict observance of the country legislation. Payments in foreign currencies are executed through the international SWIFT system and through the mediation of corresponden tbanks of BACB AD. To execute payments in EUR, the bank may use its direct participation in the Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer TARGET2, as well as its  membership in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Correspondent banks of BACB

Currency Correspondence Bank  BIC
EUR Raiffeisen Bank International, Vienna  RZBAATWW
USD Raiffeisen Bank International, Vienna RZBAATWW
GBP Raiffeisen Bank International, Vienna RZBAATWW

Terms for acceptance and execution:

Documents for execution of transfers:

Transfers up to the equivalent of BGN 30,000: Payment order (BACB’s form)

Transfers of the equivalent of BGN 30,000 or above:

  1. Payment order (BACB’s form)
  2. Declaration as per Ordinance No 28of BNB (link)*
  3. Documents, which prove the reason for transfer*

* If the transfer is to a bank in the European Union and European Economic Area,no documents are required.