BACB Plus is online platform presented by Bulgarian American Credit Bank for virtual management of your finances online.

Thanks to it you have easy access to a more effective and innovative financial institution. With Virtual bank, you can manage your personal finances in a secure and protected environment where everything was designed for the sake of your convenience.

What makes us different?

BACB Plus is not standard internet banking – it is a multifunction bank on the internet. You can make use of the various distance banking channels, a transaction portal, mobile banking or information center, as well as the unique advantages offered by this banking platform.

All the debit cards offered by BACB can be ordered online and delivered to an address you give. The PIN code can be sent to you by “PIN by SMS”.  BACB Plus makes it possible to execute payments, transactions or utility payments through your phone. You have the opportunity to have detailed information in real time on all movements and the status of all banking products and services. You can do all this and get more services at the BACB Plus platform – a transaction portal, mobile banking and information center.  

The extremely easy navigation on the transaction portal combines with the highest security level. BACB Plus is the only banking system with an encrypted access with anti-phishing protection. This protection is based on based on the choice of an image and a phrase upon initial registration.

To achieve easier and effective banking through the BACB Plus portal, you can also use the innovative customer-oriented functionalities. For example, “BACB Plus Calendar” gives you detailed information about all payments during the month, including utility, regular or future payments.

Mobile banking was designed to allow you execute transactions or make utility payments and monitor what happens with the products you use. The mobile application of BACB Plus was created for users of iOS и Android.

We offer you a new generation of banking that will suit your busy days.

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