BACB Visa Business Credit Card optimizes your daily business activities so that you invest more time and energy in the growth and development of your business


  • 50 days interest-free grace period for using the card upon paying off the full debt
  • Issue additional Visa Business Credit Cards to selected employees and / or partners, defining the individual transaction limits of each card
  • BACB Visa Business Credit Card makes online payments, shopping and paying at POS terminals worldwide, withdrawing money from any ATM in Bulgaria and abroad, online reservations and car rentals quick and easy for you and your employees
  • Control real-time expenses on each business card account anywhere in the world, seven days a week – via BACB Online/BACB Mobile
  • No issuance fee
  • No reissuance fee upon card expiry
  • No fee for payment of goods and services in Bulgaria and abroad
  • No fee for online payments
  • Optional SMS notifications for each authorization
  • Free card delivery to your address or to a BACB office
  • Optional SMS with secure payment PIN and password for even greater security
  • No collateral

Who is it suitable for

The card is suitable for all companies – corporate clients, sole proprietors and farmers who are duly registered.




3 years


  • Credit limit :
    minimum - BGN 1000
    maximum - determined based on the creditworthiness assessment of the company
  • The card can be used with up to 50 days interest free grace period upon payoff of the full debt
  • Optional SMS notifications for each authorization
  • Free of charge automatically generated SMS reminders about the amounts due
  • 24-hour service by BORICA card centre
  • Possibility to use own funds exceeding the credit limit

Necessary documents

  • Business credit card request– on a template
  • Copies of the ID of the borrower / pledger
  • Balance Sheet, ODA, Annual Tax Return for the previous 2 years, Balance Sheet, CPR for current period, Statement of receivables and payables for the current period
  • Legal documentation
    Certificate under art. 87 for a borrower;
    Declaration on Related Parties under the Credit Institutions (BACB template)
    Other documents at the discretion of the bank

More secure online card payments with Visa Secure

BACB provides service to all VISA cardholders for secure online card payments with two factor authentication. It represents a combination of dynamic and static passwords, which the cardholder inputs for confirmation of card operations online. The dynamic password is one-time unique 6-digits code, generated by BORICA AD and sent by free of charge SMS delivered to a registered mobile phone. The static password is created by the cardholder on a special web page, provided by BORICA and is used together with the dynamic password for confirmation of online card transactions to internet merchants participating in Visa Secure programs.
For static password change, please, follow the link.

Useful information

If your card is lost or stolen, please call+359 2 9702600 ; +359 2 8705149 to immediately block the card.
The service is accessible 24 hours a day. BORICA helpline of our Customer Service Department is available all year round 24 hours a day!


Credit card debt payoff:

Each BACB client may pay off a credit card debt taking advantage of any of the possibilities listed below:

  • Automatic repayment of the minimum debt instalment or the total amount due through a BACB account (direct debit) 

BACB enables automatic payoff of credit card debt, whereby the client defines upon issuance of the card whether they would like the minimum monthly payment or the entire debt repaid on the due date. Subscription to this service may also be requested separately

The automatic payoff is initiated on the 5th day of each month (or the first working day thereafter, if the 5th is a non-working day). The system identifies the difference between the amounts due, as indicated in the monthly account statement, and the ones that had already been repaid since the 15th day of the preceding month.

  • Tthrough BACB Online/BACB Mobile

- Clients may pay off their credit card debt through BACB Online/BACB Mobile by choosing 'Repayment of credit card' under 'Card' menu and selecting the amount to be repaid (the minimum monthly payment, the entire debt or another amount)
- Transfer of a chosen amount from a BACB account by a payment order. The client may set a template that would only need an update before each transfer

BACB Online/BACB Mobile is at clients' disposal 24/7. Operations are accounted for within the business hours or on the first working day thereafter

  • Transfer from a debit card at an ATM machine

BACB clients may pay off their credit card debts by transfering funds from their debit card at any ATM machine, serviced by BORICA in Bulgaria. This option enables clients to transfer funds to their credit card from their payment account with a BACB debit card

To perform the transfer, clients need to follow these steps when prompted by the ATM machine:
      "Other services"
      "Code of the trader" - enter 11000 (BACB code)
      "Identification number" - - insert the number of the receiving card
      Amount - the amount of payment
      Confirmation of payment
      The screen will inform you about the result of the transaction (successful / unsuccessful)
      Receipt containing the transaction data is printed out

This service provides convenience and flexibility in paying off credit card debt at any time and location within the country. BACB accounts for operations on the first working day upon their order, according to BACB guidelines for transaction handling

  • Transfers from a different bank

BACB credit card debt payoff may be done by a transfer from another bank. The client must transfer the minimum monthly payment or the entire sum to their credit card by the due date. The payoff funds must be available by the 5th day of the month or the first working day thereafter, if the 5th is a non-working day