BACB Online

BACB Online is an innovative platform introduced by Bulgarian-American Credit Bank allowing you to manage your finances remotely. The internet banking platform combines modern design, new features and a high level of security and convenience:


  • make transfers at lower fees, with no additional registration or maintenance charges
  • use a single username and password to access all your BACB accounts
  • adaptive design - easy and convenient to use on all your devices - laptop, tablet or phone
  • choose an authentication tool depending on your preferences and needs – BACB Signer – a software token with biometric identification that has the ability to work in 2 modes - online and offline (in case you don’t have access to the Internet) and eTAN - via SMS on you mobile phone.

New features:

  • opening and management of bank accounts and services
  • requesting a debit card to be sent to an address of your choosing and obtaining a PIN code in the online banking platform
  • changing payment limits and blocking a bank card or a payment channel
  • automated exchange rate negotiation feature
  • personalised preview of menus and products
  • detailed real-time reports on movements and status of all banking products and services
  • secure channel of communication with the Bank

BACB Mobile

BACB Mobile is the Bank's mobile app that provides convenient access to banking services and information on-the-move. BACB Mobile is available for users with Android or iOS operating system.

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