Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) is a licensed investment intermediary by the State Financial Supervision Commission (Resolution №Р-05-36/19.02.2003, BNB Resolution № РД22-1202/29.11.02). The Bank intermediates trading in financial instruments on regulated market (Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia) and over-the-counter operations (OTC). BACB is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia AD (BSE) and the Central Depository AD. The Bank offers Registration Agent services.

BACB offers investment intermediary services through its Head office in Sofia, 2 Slavyanska Str. The customers may communicate and correspond with BACB, as well as request documents and additional information concerning the investment intermediary services in Bulgarian and English.

Since 1 November 2007 the Markets in Financial Instruments Act (MFIA) and Ordinance No 38 of the Financial Supervision Commission on the Requirements to the Activities of Investment Intermediaries has been effective. The new regulatory regime implements the provisions of European Commission Directive 2006/73/ЕО implementing Directive 2004/39/ЕО of the European Parliament and of the EU Council on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID), as well as the organizational requirements and operating conditions, which the investment intermediaries shall comply with in order to operate. The legislation contributes to the harmonisation of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria with EU legislation in the field of financial markets, provides greater transparency regarding investment services and activities and enhances the competitiveness of the financial sector within the EU. 

In compliance with the regulations BACB presents its potential and existing customers the following documents and information applicable to the investment intermediary services. 

  • General Тerms and Conditions of the Bank for Investment Intermediary Services 
  • List of Terms and Conditions Applicable For Customers - Individuals 
  • Policy for Execution of Client Orders for Transactions in Financial Instruments 
  • Conflict of Interests Policy
  • Information under Ordinance № 38 (BG)

The publication of these documents on the website aims to provide the potential and existing customers of BACB with information under the provisions of Art. 15 of Ordinance No 38.