The bank offers the possibility of cash deposits and withdrawals, also currency exchange in cash.

For cash transactions above the equivalent of 10 000 BGN a Declaration about the origin of money is necessary to be filled in.

For cash withdrawals over the amount of 5,000 currency units and up to the equivalent of 50,000 EUR, two working days preliminary  written notice to the bank should be submitted, and for larger amounts exceeding the equivalent of 50 000 EUR - three working days  preliminary  written notice to the bank should be submitted.




Cash deposits and cash withdrawals can be done both in the currency of the account to/from which the cash transaction is performed, as well as in different currency in which case the current  bank rates "buy" and "sell" at the time of the transaction are applied.

In exchange of an amount over 10 000 EUR / USD, the exchange rates can be negotiated directly with Money market and Liquidity department at +359 2 8157201+359 2 8157202 or  +359 2 8157203