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BACB offers the convenience to perform payment of utility and other services instead of you, doing this on your behalf and expense.

The subscription to the service is requested with a one-time registration at an office of the BACB convenient to you.

Advantages of the service:

  • Convenience – the Bank monitors and pays your liabilities for utilities and other services on your behalf and at your expense
  • Quickness – The liabilities are paid within one working day from the date of their receipt
  • No surprises – You can determine the maximum amount for each registered subscription number above which no automatic paymentwill be performed
  • Complete transparency – At your request and according to your preference you receive notifications via SMS or email regarding any new liability, successful or unsuccessful payment
  • You set the priorities of the payments and the period for which you want to subscribe to the service “Automatic payment”
  • Low fees and commissions for the service

What you should do:

  • You should visit a BACB office, convenient to you, to make a one-time registration
  • You should define the service providers and the subscription numbers for which you want to take advantage of automatic payment of liabilities
  • You should declare: the current accounts from which the automatic payments to be made; the priorities of the payments; the maximum amount of one payment for each registered subscription number and the duration of the subscription to automatic payment to the relevant provider
  • You should declare whether you want to receive notifications when there is new liability, successful or unsuccessful payment

Fees for the service:

according to The List of terms and conditions of the bank.

More information about the service can be found at the offices of the bank or at the phone 070014488 or *4488