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Now with an interest rate of 2.5% and NO application fee

The DREAMS COME TRUE mortgage loan is suitable for:

  • Purchase or repair of real estates
  • Refinancing of mortgage loans of the applicant or third physical entity, disbursed by other banks
  • Financing current needs

Annual interest rates on loans in BGN and EUR

The interest rate on the loan starts at 2.50%

and depends on the insurable earnings of the applicants, the purpose and the term of the loan.

The annual interest rate is variable, based on base interest rate (BIR) for BGN or 6-month EURIBOR for EUR plus a fixed margin. As of 01.01.2023, the applied value of BIR is 0 / zero/ and the applied value of 6-month EURIBOR is 0.2780 




  • Property
  • Pledge of BACB account / deposit receivable in BGN and other currency, opened at BACB, owned by the loan applicant or a third natural person

Grace Period on principal

May be used for the first 6 months of the loan’s term and upon completion of the first year of the loan’s term – for another 6 months (one-off event)


  • With annuity monthly installments
  • Or with non-annuity monthly installments

Fees and commissions

  • Preliminary solvency assessment fee – 50 BGN.The fee is due upon application for mortgage loan pre-approval
  • No loan application fee
  • Solvency assessment and approval fee – 0.20% of the loan amount (min 200 BGN
  • Notary deed preparation fee – 80 BGN
  • Appraisal and assessment of collateral fee – in accordance with BACB List of terms and conditions
  • Preparation of a mortgage deletion agreement fee – in accordance with BACB List of terms and conditions
  • Property insurance, payable by the borrower 

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