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In a changing world of urbanization, with progressive depletion of main finite energy sources, pollution and deterioration of environment it is absolutely necessary to change existing developmental policies and attitudes to environment.

In this situation, the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank assumes its role as one of the initiators of changing economic models and developmental policies and the integration of the green idea in them. The mission of BACB is to offer innovative financial solutions based on three integrated priorities: green banking, social banking and sustainable banking.

The main and most active partner of the bank is Bulgarian business. New approaches and innovation are sought and applied to improve marketing and social effects, as well as optimize expenditures.  This is where the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank can play its role: abiding to the logics of economy, the bank provides bank products and financial services to enterprises which will do the revolutionary change we all need.

The lending policy of BACB is predominantly oriented to improve competitiveness of production in the country. The bank promotes projects that are in harmony with environment, providing loans for alternative agriculture, renewable energy sources, projects contributing to sustainability of urban environment, etc.

BACB organizes its activities strictly abiding to green polices. One example of such structural level is the Virtual bank (BABC Plus is the only platform in Bulgaria, introduced by Bulgarian-American Credit Bank for virtual management of your finances online. We called it Virtual bank.)

The benefits for environment that are ensured by the Virtual bank include resource- effective services, significant decrease in expenditures related to energy, office supplies, transportation, and no time lossfor the customer. The Virtual bank model reduces operational costs, thus increasing the chances for more favorable financial terms for customers. The model helps customers and spares their time.

Overall, the policy of Bulgarian-American Credit Bank is oriented to integrating of social responsibility to global problems of the planet – environment protection, climate changes, reduction of unsustainable energy sources, increase of waste, increase of carbon dioxide offsets and others. BACB is becoming a major partner for the development of resource-effective, competitive green economy in Bulgaria. BACB is striving to achieve synergy between the needs of customers, responsibility to nature and its own business goals.