• Lower fees for the following basic operations at any time withinp the Republic of Bulgaria:
  • Depositing funds on payment account
  • Withdrawing cash from a payment account at the BACB counters or at an ATM terminal during or outside t BACB business hours
  • Executing the following payment transactions:
    a) direct debits
    b) payment transactions executed by a payment card, incl. payment transactions via BACB remote banking channels
    c) credit transfers in BGN through BISERA, incl. orders for periodic transfers, at ATM and POS terminals and at BACB counters, as well as via BACB remote banking channels
  • In the event that the customer has stated that the Payment account for basic services will be used to receive funds from the categories specified in Article 120a of the PSPSA (labor remuneration, pensions, aid and benefits from social security and social support, scholarships for pupils, students and post-graduate students), certain operations will not be charged with Bank fees (as specified in Article 120a of the PSPSA and the Bank's List of Term and Conditions for Individuals).
  • Performing any other payment transactions at the standard fees according to BACB List of terms and conditions



Minimum amount: 



At the BACB counters, upon presenting all necessary documents and signing a Framework Agreement for the Opening and Servicing of Bank Accounts and Provision of Payment Services to Customers – Natural Persons. A payment account for basic services may only be opened by a local and foreign natural person, lawfully residing in the EU. This includes individuals, having no permanent address, seeking international protection, as well as individuals, not provided with a residence permit, but who cannot be expulsed due to legal or factual reasons.

Purchasing additional BACB services and products is not a mandatory condition for using the payment account for basic services.

Upon the submission of the payment account for basic services opening request, BACB will either open the account or refuse to do so no later than 10 days upon receiving all necessary documents.

Documents required for opening a payment account for basic services:

  • Application for opening a payment account for basic services. Depending on the statements made therein, additional documents described in the Application may also be required
  • Identity document of the individual - holder of the account
  • If the account is opened through a proxy - a notarized power of attorney and the proxy's identity document. If the power of attorney is issued abroad, it has to be accompanied by an apostille or legalization according to the applicable procedure, as well as a Bulgarian translation made by a certified translator (including notarization of the translator's signature)
  • Other documents certifying the legal residence on the territory of the European Union for third-country citizens, who have received a EU residence permit, asylum seekers and other categories of persons
BACB is entitled to refuse the opening of such an account in the following cases:
  • The client already has a payment account for basic operations with BACB or another bank operating on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • The client already holds more than one active payment accounts, using the services provided by the payment account for basic services as listed above, unless he/ she has been notified that his/ her account will be closed
  • If the opening of the account is in conflict with the provisions, outlined in the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing
The bank may unilaterally terminate the framework agreement and close the payment account for basic services where at least one of the following conditions has been met:
  • The user has intentionally used the account for illegal purposes
  • No payment transactions have been carried out on the account for more than 24 consecutive months
  • The user has provided incorrect information upon opening/using the account;
  • The user no longer legally resides in the EU
  • The user has subsequently opened another payment account for basic services in a bank or has more than one payment account through which he can perform the services applicable to the account for basic services
  • The user violates the terms of the Framework Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank

Interest rates:


Interest accrual:

Interest accrues at the end of each calendar quarter, applying the interest rate for payment accounts in BGN, specified in the BACB Interest Rate Bulletin.

Fees and commissions: 

Fees for Payment account for basic services