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Two accounts: a current account in BGN and a savings account in EUR

  • No opening or deposit fees
  • No monthly service fee
  • Deposit and withdraw amounts at any time
  • Visa debit card linked to the BGN current account
  • Exchange from the BGN account to the EUR account at the BNB fixed rate


BGN and EUR combination


  • The debit card linked to the BGN current account has no deposit or withdrawal fees at BACB ATMs (until 31.12.2024)
  • Cash deposits in BGN to the current account are free of charge (until 31.12.2024)
  • No exchange fees from the current account to the savings account
  • No monthly service fees (until 31.12.2024)
  • All other operations on the current and savings accounts are subject to the Bank's Tariff for individual customers


The current account and the savings account earn interest at the end of each calendar quarter, according to the current BACB interest bulletin.

Additional deposits:

The LEUROACCOUNT consists of a combination of two accounts. Additional deposits can be made to the BGN current account. BGN can be exchanged and transferred to the EUR savings account at any time.


The LEUROACCOUNT can be closed at any time upon the customer's request. Upon closure, the bank will accrue interest on the funds in both the current and the savings account for the actual number of days in the relevant calendar quarter, at the interest rate specified in the current BACB interest bulletin.

The LEUROACCOUNT can be opened at any office within the BACB branch network.