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You want to develop your farm?
You don’t want to depend on leaseholders?
You want flexible loan conditions?

Loan purpose

Investment loan for purchasing of agricultural land.


Borrowers are agricultural producers and/or legal entities registered under Commerce Act, with main activity - agriculture



Maximum amount

Up to 2.5 times of the initially approved amount, but not more than BGN 500 000 (the equivalent in foreign currency)


Up to 60 months

Interest rate

LEONIA Plus / EURIBOR + margin depending on the loan risk.


  • Interest: Monthly on the payment due date
  • Principal: The borrower must repay the yearly outstanding principal by three (3) equal consecutive installments


Mortgage on the agricultural land (1st -10th category) and / or other acceptable by BACB property.
For individual property or a group of contiguous properties under 5 hectares, the price is determined in accordance with the adopted standardized assessments by BACB.

Fees and commissions

According to BACB List of fees and commissions applicable to legal entities