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  • SIMPLIFIED procedure
  • NO solvency assessment
  • No age restrictions
  • Each new borrower gets a FREE registration at BACB Plus, the first virtual bank in Bulgaria

Annual interest rates on loans in BGN and EUR


The annual interest rate is variable, based on base interest rate (BIR) for BGN or 6-month EURIBOR for EUR plus a fixed margin. As of 01.01.2023, the applied value of BIR is 0 / zero/ and the applied value of 6-month EURIBOR is 0.2780 .

The interest rate, as indicated, is only valid if all deposits serving as collateral are "standard" according to the current BACB Interest Rate Bulletin.
The fixed margin is increased by 1%, even if only one of the deposits used as collateral is other than "standard" according to the current BACB Interest Rate Bulletin





* If the loan currency differs from the pledged deposit currency, the loan is granted in BGN only

Maximum Amount

  • 200 000 BGN or their equivalence in the respective currency
  • And up to 90% of the deposit

Maximum Term: 

Up to 3 years (36 months)


Pledge of financial asset (deposit) at BACB.


  • Annuity monthly installments or
  • One-time payment of the principal on maturity date of the loan and monthly payment of interest due or
  • Decreasing monthly installments

Fees and Commissions

  • NO application fee
  • Solvency assessment and approval fee - 50 BGN
  • NO Early Repayment Charge

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