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NO application fee

Annual interest rate

The interest rate on the loan starts at 4.35%

and depends on the insurable earnings of the applicants, transfer of salary to a bank account and use of a credit card / opening an IT’S ALL GOOD deposit.

If you conclude a SECURED Instalment Insurance, BACB offers a further 0.50% discount on the interest rate.

The annual interest rate is variable, based on Base Interest Rate (BIR) for BGN plus a fixed margin. As of 01.07.2022, the applied value of BIR is 0.0 /zero/.



BACB Standard Consumer Loan enables you to finance utility bills; to purchase furniture, electronics, household equipment and appliances; to renovate your home or repair your car; to surprise a loved one; to visit your dream destination or simply make a dream come true!


Pledge of salary* 
*  At the discretion of BACB a Guarantor may be required, too.


  • Аnnuity monthly installments or
  • Decreasing monthly installments

Fees and Commissions

  • NO application fee
  • One-off solvency assessment and approval fee – 1.25% of the loan amount (min 125 BGN)
  • Annual service fee for VISA Classic credit card - BGN 35 /when applicable/
  • NO early repayment charge

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